Assorted links – Artificial intelligence policy

Interesting and accessible reads about artificial intelligence policy:

  • On 19 February, the European Commission has published its strategies for data and Artificial Intelligence. I’ll provide a more in-depth overview in a next post. Responding is possible until 31 May 2020. The European Commission website dedicated to AI policy is also worth keeping an eye on. The general website, the white paper and the accompanying Commission report.
  • On 27 February, the OECD launched the OECD AI Policy Observatory, a great initiative and resource. The platform combines resources from across the OECD and its purpose is to share and shape public policies for responsible, trustworthy and beneficial AI.
  • For comparison: already a year ago, on 11 February, 2019, President Trump signed Executive Order 13859 announcing the American AI Initiative — the United States’ national strategy on artificial intelligence. The Whitehouse has published an entire website explaining the AI strategy and impact.
  • Also a year ago, McKinsey published its discussion paper in February 2019: Note from the AI frontier. Tackling Europe’s gap in digital and AI. Worth reading in light of the EU white paper.