Rudimentary idea – Technology and meaning

From the BBC website:
“Filmed in Switzerland at his lakeside home near Zurich, Professor Carl Gustav Jung was viewed as the greatest living psychologist.

Interviewer John Freeman found Jung, although an old man, as sharp and clear thinking as ever. It proved to be a timely encounter; Jung died 18 months later. (1959)”


As the world becomes more technically efficient, it seems increasingly necessary for people to behave communally and collectively, now do you think it’s possible that the highest development of man may be to submerge his own individuality in a kind of collective consciousness?


That’s hardly possible. I think there will be a reaction. A reaction will set in against this communal dissociation. You know, man doesn’t stand forever, his nullification. Once, there will be a reaction, and I see it setting in. You know, when I think of my patients, they all seek their own existence and to assure their existence against that complete atomization into nothingness or into meaninglessness. Man cannot stand a meaningless life.

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